Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 new elements added to the Alchemy game and Solutions

10 new elements added to the Alchemy Classic Solution Google Chrome game

Here are the new elements and their solutions:
1.alcohol = fruit+time
2.cart = wheel+wood
3.paper = pressure+wood
4.newspaper = paper+paper
5.mountain = earth+earthquake
6.iceberg = mountain+ice
7.nerd = human+glasses
8.wagon= cart+horse human+hospital
10.salt= sea+sun


  1. hello, in the version of 389 elements, i'm searching for tropics, please. does anybody find this part? thanks

  2. Mr. other Anonymous, tropics is palms + rain.

    Also, none of the elements in this post are found in Alchemy Classic. Most likely, they're in the similar game called just Alchemy. If you're going to maintain this blog, at the very least play the game to verify combinations you've seen elsewhere. I did find a complete list of element combinations in the updated Alchemy Classic in Hollowmoon's forum post here (further down on the page):

  3. how do you make SAW and PRESSURE???